Street Fighter II

Street Fighter II Online Video Slot Review

Street Fighter II online video slot machine, a wonderful 1 payline, 5 reel online slot machine. This marshal arts theme based video slot machine shows off its work in design with Ryu, Ken, E Honda, Chun Li, Blanka, Zangief, Guile, Dhalsim, Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M Bison, and then Street Fighter II drives it home with ace, king, queen and jack putting you in the slot. With single spin coin values of $0.20 all the way up to $700.00, this Net Entertainment designed video slot offers many levels of play. Big wins roll out when you get a few wild wilds to achieve a big pay. We can suggest other online slot machines like Warlords Crystals of Power as it has 1 line like Street Fighter II, some others like Evolution and Pacific Attack are close also. As a lot of Net Entertainment online slot machines like this type play the same so be sure to find one that pays the best for you.

Hotslot summary on the Street Fighter II Slot

As with many 5 reel online slot machines, the Street Fighter II slot is a great game to play. The Net Entertainment crew worked a lot of time to make a game this fun slot to review. With images like ace, king, queen and jack will put you in the marshal arts world. If you search out marshal arts slot machines i'm sure you really get roped in on this game as well. The slot is able to force me keep spinning the reels longer because it was really so much fun.

Street Fighter II Slot Bonuses

Street Fighter II slot features the Cluster Pays bonus, launch this by having four or more of the same symbols appearing in a cluster. Along with the Cluster Pays bonus, this slot machine also offers the Avalanche you hit by having any winning symbol combination. Getting high value symbol wins will enable the 3rd bonus round on the Street Fighter II, the Wild Gauge. The 4th game, Beat the Boss Free Spins bonus can be initiated by having reducing the number of the opponent's health points in main game to zero. Wow, Street Fighter II fetaures 5 different bonus rounds. The fifth bonus, Car Smash Bonus begins when you have having the number of your character's health points reduced to zero. Street Fighter II from Net Entertainment software promotes entertainment by having these extra features, make sure to take some profit from the winnings.

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