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7 Tips to win at slots

If you’re a slots lover, I am pretty sure that you have at some point in time researched how to increase your odds of winningto win at slots, but you’re still not quite sure how to do it are you? If you’ve answered yes, just remember, you are not alone.

Feb. 20, 2023 in Tips & Tricks
By Jennifer Saunders

If you’re a slots lover, I am pretty sure that you have at some point in time researched how to increase your odds of winningto win at slots, but you’re still not quite sure how to do it are you? If you’ve answered yes, just remember, you are not alone.

The tips given below are by no means the complete listbe all and end all of tips to win at slots, and we’ve tried to avoid the and certainly not the generic tips you will find on every second casino site, but we have attempted toit does focus on tried and tested ways to improve your odds when selecting which game(s) to play.

If you are trying to figure out how to choose the best online slot machine and which slots to play, stick around, you might just enjoy what weI have to say.

The aim of this article is not to tell you what to do, but to guide you in making the right decisions when choosing a video slot to play. And who knows, with the right amount of dedication, time and mindset, you might just be smiling all the way to the bank.
So, are you ready?

Tip 1: Choose slot games that have the highest payouts

  • Picking a winning slot machine is more than just guessing when you think a payout will hit. The best online slots are those which have just the right combination of volatility, return to player, limits and casino bonuses.
  • When depositing real funds into your player account, remember that you will need to look at the slot’s payback percentage (or payout table) and then at the stakes.
  • Remember that RTP is calculated over a period of time and not per wager.
  • As you are well aware, slot games are totally random, which is thanks to the RNG technology, but RTP values give us very insightful indications of whether a slot game has an above average chance ofwill paying out or not.
  • So, what is a high RTP? Well, Tthis number is subject to changequite subjective and, dependsing on who you are speaking to, BUT but if you asked us, we would think that the below would be a pretty decent benchmark:
    - High RTP – 98% or higher
    - Average RTP – anything between 94.5% – 97.99%
    - Low RTP – anything below 94.4%
  • In our opinion, based on the games RTP (return to player) alone, the 7 best winning slot machines are:
  • Mega Joker
    - Game Provider: NetEnt
    - RTP: 99%
  • Ooh Aah Dracula
    - Game Provider: Barcrest
    - RTP: 99%
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas
    - Game Provider: Thunderkick
    - RTP: 98.6%
  • Jackpot 6000
    - Game Provider: NetEnt
    - RTP: 98.86%
  • The Catfather
    - Game Provider: Pragmatic Play
    - RTP: 98.10%
  • Jokerizer
    - Game Provider: Yggdrasil
    - RTP: 98%
  • Blood Suckers
    - Game Provider: NetEnt
    - RTP: 98%

As mentioned above, these are just our top 7, but there are still many other online slots with a 98% + RTP.

You can never expect to win on a slot game with every spin or even every play session and even the best slot puts the odds in the casino’s favour butBecause winning at playing online slots every time is near to impossible, paying attention to the games RTPpicking the absolute best slot machine is the best way of improving your odds. Let the casino slots RTP do the hard work for you.

There are many casino gurus who tell you to stay far away from the popular video slots – with the idea being that these games have the worst payout percentages. Quite the opposite is oftenactually true.

Researching many slot games across multiple online casinos, we concluded that the games payout percentage actually has very little to do with the popularity of the game. In fact, it'sits these popular games, played by real money depositors, that seem to be some of the best slot games around, with their popularity being fuelled by the amount of press they get on various casino sites.

Tip 2: Choose slots with the best odds

Slot games with the best odds are generally those games with the highest Return to Player (RTP). While a win is not guaranteed every time and the probability of when the slot will payout is uncertain, playing games with the best odds does increase your chances.

Tip 3: Progressive Jackpot Slots – play with caution

The massive jackpot wins that make up the framework of progressive jackpot slots make these types of slots very appealing. But approach with caution.

Progressive slots might not be the correct fit if you’re trying to increase your chances of winning and have a limited budget to work with. In general terms, progressive slots have some of the lowest casino RTP’s around and thereby also reducing your odds of winning drastically.

Also keep in mind that while the jackpots are great, you will need to met the maximum (and continue doing so) in order to get in the running for a massive jackpot win. This might or might not be budget friendly.

Taking all the above into consideration, we do still love our progressives and would love to share our top 7 with you. (Please remember to compare the RTPs with that of the non-progressive games and make an informed decision, the best one for you).
Mega Fortune
Game Provider: NetEnt.
Mega Moolah
Game Provider: Microgaming.
Mega Fortune Dreams
Game Provider: NetEnt.
Mega Moolah Isis
Game Provider: Microgaming.
Arabian Nights
Game Provider: NetEnt.
Beach Life
Game Provider: Playtech.
Hall of Gods
Game Provider: NetEnt.

Tip 4: Check the slots volatility

Another important factor to keep in mind when choosing which slot to play which gives your better odds of winning, is the slots volatility.
A games volatility or variance simply put is the games “risk factor”.

The volatility of a slot game determines the risk involved in playing the particular video slot for real money and therefore plays a rather important part in determining which slot to play. Volatility (or risk factor) determines how you will win at slots.
Let's break it down:

Low Volatility Slots:

  • the odds of winning whilst playing these games are high.
  • It's easier to hit winning combinations when spinning these reels.
  • Keep in mind that low volatility slots offer smaller wins, but more often, so hitting your winning combinations might not give you the desired payout.

High Volatility Slots:

  • Winning odds playing these games are small, but the payouts are more.
  • You would need patience and enough funds to play these games, as they generally are a longer gaming session, but could be oh so rewarding.
  • These are more riskier than low volatility games. Time taken to hit a jackpot is uncertain and therefore you will need a bank balance to keep up with all the attempts at winning.

Finding a games volatility:

Casinos are not very forthcoming with a slots volatility as they would the RTP of the site, simply because they don’t want to assist in improving your odds.

You could let Google do its magic and find the info for you…

For example:
You have decided to try your luck at playing progressive slots and Mega Moolah caught your eye. The massive jackpot is making you all starry eyed, but you realise that you know nothing about the game. That’s where Google becomes your friend:

  1. Open
  2. Navigate to the search bar and type in "Mega Moolah variance"
  3. In seconds you will get a world of information
  4. Analyse the results and make your decision.

Alternatively, you could go in blind and try the games for yourself and try to figure out the variance on your own. The longer you play the same slot, the more likely you are to pick up a pattern of how often the game pays out and what sort of winnings you can expect.

If your wins are few and far in between, but high value, then you’re onto a high volatility slot. If you’re winning often, but the amounts are small, then you’ve stumbled across a low volatility game.

Tip 5: Play with higher bets

Great wins are always tied into higher bets. When you play slots, you cannot expect to become a millionaire if you spin the reels at $0.01. Just like in video poker, the higher you bet, the higher the potential amount of winnings, which also works the same in smaller bets – the smaller the bet, the smaller the potential wins.
So essentially, your bet value determines the value you can win on slots. Slot payout ratios are in proportion to what you wager in the said game. If you enjoy placing smaller bets, feel free to continue, but just don’t expect to land unproportionally big wins.
That being said, while betting higher amounts can aid you to win more, it can also put you at risk to lose your funds much quicker.
The risk factor in gambling is high and it's up to you to decide how much you are willing to risk on game play!

Tip 6: Listen to what your fellow players have to say

Many player’s before you and many after you have researched the web in order to find the best winning slots, so they can save you a lot of time and effort in finding the best slots to play.

Tip 7: Use free spins to your advantage

There are so many casinos offering amazing match bonuses, that when you actively start looking, you’ll have dozens to choose from. What's even better is those casinos offering you free spins – to try out the game / casino before using your own money to make a deposit.

Free spins are generally awarded on a game chosen by the casino and you wouldn’t be able to choose differently. That being said, casinos generally choose the most popular games &/or those with a higher than average RTP so that you have a good player experience and decide to start playing with real funds.

Remember that any and all casino bonuses come with their own set of terms and specifically wagering requirements. Choose wisely – the higher the wagering requirements, the longer it will take you to complete the playthrough before you can withdraw any of your winnings.

There are the odd few casinos that offer wager free spins, with no deposit required whatsoever (you read right, free spins with no deposit required). Along with no specified T&C’s. There is no cap on the amount of winnings you’re able to withdraw at any given time and there are no wagering requirements. Sounds too good to be true? Just be sure to familiarise yourself with all the T&Cs of such an offer.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the above and that its helped you in whatever way possible.

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