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Tips to pick winning slot machines

It’s no secret that video slot machine lovers all over the world have, for many years, been looking for the perfect formula/tips to choose a winning slot machine. Does it exist? Well, that depends on who you speak to - some believe there are ways and means (systems so to speak) to pick these winning slots and others think it’s the luck of the draw!

Sept. 8, 2022 in Tips & Tricks
By HotSlot

It’s no secret that video slot machine lovers all over the world have, for many years, been looking for the perfect formula/tips to choose a winning slot machine.

Does it exist? Well, that depends on who you speak to - some believe there are ways and means (systems so to speak) to pick these winning slots and others think it’s the luck of the draw!

Playing video slots should be a fun and entertaining experience and trying to “beat the house” or figuring out how to win at slots might just take the fun out of it.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few tips which could potentially assist in improving your chances of winning at slots!


First off, remember that there is no person on earth who can predict when a video slot is going to pay out. When referring to a winning slot machine/video slot, we’re highlighting video slots which have a 96% or greater return to player, which simply put, means that the video slot would pay out more often. Brick and Mortar casinos offer high 80% payout margins vs much higher margins playing online.

So it's key to keep in mind that video slots form part of the “gambling house / casino games” suite and the house generally has the advantage. You could however increase your chances of winning by picking the right video slot when you play. (remember the reference to the 96% RTP above)

Online video slots use a very specific software, which determines which symbols will land on the video slot reels. This is chosen by the system at the very moment when the player clicks the spin button. The spinning reels, wins and “almost” wins which the players see are simply amazing animations, with the sole purpose to provide hours of entertainment and to keep
players enticed and continue spinning the reels.


New age slot machines and online video slots use something called random number generator (RNG) software, which is a system that generates billions of possible results per second for the video slot game, even when it’s not being played.

This system makes video slot games genuinely random and secure, which is why RNG software is popular and used by many casinos today. Even the appearance of a spinning video slot reel is the game choosing one of the many results offered by this software.

So essentially, any results from spinning the reels or even winning a jackpot is random and simply down to the luck of the draw.



Most online casinos now-a-days offer you the opportunity to try out the video slot game in free or demo mode before actually depositing real money to play.

This affords you the opportunity to test the game, see what triggers payouts, what the bonus features are, potentially see what the bonus payout frequency is and whether you enjoy the game or not. By using the free game function first, you will have a bigger bankroll to use in hitting those big slot wins.

I like this function as I can figure out which games I like first and then use my own funds to spin the reels on these. Not all games are for everyone, so testing it out is vital.


Reading slot reviews can come in extremely handy when trying to figure out tips and tricks to winning payouts on slot machines and which video slots have the best odds. This also gives you an insight into how to trigger bonus games & features, the best symbols to land on and whether the video slot is actually worth your time and effort…and funds for that matter. The reviews are normally written by video slot casino experts and fellow casino players, so the information given is pretty trustworthy and based on actual experience.


Let’s talk about the return-to-player percentage (RTP) which was mentioned earlier on in the article. RTP can also be referred to as the payout percentage or house edge, but note that whatever it’s called, it’s referring to the same thing – the percentage advantage that the casino has over a player winning.

The RTP percentage is an average of millions of reel spins to determine what the payout propensity is.

For example, if an online video slot has an RTP of 96%, it means that for every $100 spent, the player is likely to receive $96 back ($100*96%). Keep in mind that the RTP is calculated over a period of time, so this should only be used as a guideline when choosing which online video slot to play.

RTP is one of my top 3 most important tools when choosing which video slot to play. Essentially it gives you an indication of which video slots have the best odds of hitting wins and which you should rather avoid. Ideally choose a game with a 95% + RTP to increase your chances of winning a payout. Anything below that and you’re taking a gamble.


From time to time, online casino game providers may launch new games, which cost online casinos a small fortune. Casinos are very careful in choosing games with longevity, but they also want to see a quick ROI on these. This is something that can be advantageous to players.

Why? Casinos may decide to increase the payout on new video slots or offer special bonuses with decreased wagering requirements. For the casino, it’s a chance of marketing their new game(s) and for players, it’s a chance of potentially increasing your payout probability. Remember, you could still try it in “free mode” first and then use your own funds, if the video slot is a good fit for you.


Slot games offering bonus features or bonus games give players more chances to win money. Free spins are of the most commonly found bonus rewards, but if you’re lucky and playing a video slot which allows it, your prizes could include wager multipliers and jackpots.

Playing video slots is fun, but there is nothing more thrilling than hitting a “ free spins win” feature, which could potentially land you a jackpot, enabling you to extend your game play or top of depleted funds.

Be sure to check the games pay table first, familiarising yourself with the bonuses offered (if any) along with any wagering requirements needed, triggers, bonus features and maximum & minimum bets allowed.

By keeping an eye on the pay table, you’ll see what all the winning symbol combinations are for that specific game and what’s needed to land a win. Some symbols will win you more than others.

Choose wisely when selecting your casino to play your favourite video slot at. Some casinos offer higher wagering requirements than others, the higher your wagering requirement, the more you will need to bet/play in order to withdraw any winnings.

Imagine hitting a massive $10k jackpot on your favourite video slot, only to find out that you can’t withdraw your funds because you haven’t met the wagering requirements.


The list of “tips to winning/beating online slots” can go on and on, but the above are my 5 go-to tips at increasing my chances of winning whilst playing my favourite casino games. There is unfortunately no “ set in stone” science to it. If there was, everyone would be hitting the casino and making millions.

Remember, playing video slots is a form of entertainment, and as with any other entertainment, you are paying for a service rendered. Forget about trying to beat the house, enjoy the experience and who knows, you might walk away with a massive jackpot! Don’t think too much, just have fun!

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